Tuesday, June 03, 2008


O.k. there has been some confusion among my subscribers. Normally you receive an email saying that My Own Little Stamping World has done a blog post. Well with the last post it came through as Crown's Creations. I didn't realize that changing the title header on my blog would change your emails. Sorry for the confusion I caused anyone.
I decided to change the blog header because I don't always post about stamping anymore. I post stamping, cake making, and as you can see from my last post, sometimes some personal stuff as well. So I figured summing it up by saying Crown's Creations would be good. You can still find my blog at the same web address (obviously) but the blog name will be different now. I will still try to post lots and lots of stamped creations though so for those of you who read my blog for that reason, have no fear. *wink* I just figure it is better to do it all in one blog rather then trying to maintain several different ones. Make sense? Hope so. *grin*

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