Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Tammy!

Today is my daughter's 14th birthday! I can't beleive it's been 14 years. It sounds cliche' but it really does seem like yesterday that she was born. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Baby Girl!! I love you!


Kim said...

she has turned into a beauty! I can't believe she's that old already. Don't they know they are supposed to stop along the way?

Jennifer said...

They grow up so quickly!! They just suddenly turn into young adults with a blink of an eye...I felt that way when my oldest turned 14!

Proud Mom said...

Happy Birthday Tammy! What an amazingly beautiful young woman! Love adding the baby pics (Hope you don't mind if I copy that idea - my son's b-day is at the end of June and what a fun idea!)