Sunday, July 26, 2009

Service Auction Recipe Tin

I recently made a recipe tin for a lady at church who won a custom one in a service auction. The colors she chose were red and purple. Bright colors aren't my thing and to add purple with it is a little Red Hat Society to me. So I was concerned with how it would turn out, but these were the colors she chose, so who was I to tell her no. I actually like how it turned out. I did bright red like she asked and then I used various shades of purple. Here is the end product:
And a closeup:
The ribbons:
Index dividers on the inside:
Recipe Card:
Not to bad huh? I was actually really pleased with the way the various shades all blended together. The index dividers were done in the recipe categories that the winning bidder wanted and then I did 2 blank dividers in case there were any others she wanted to add. I did 30 recipe cards for each category and 20 blank ones for each of the 2 blank categories. She was excited when I showed it to her so I was pleased. :D
The other service that I donated was a photo session with a CD of all the editted images. Little did I know that the winning bidder of that auction would be a professional photographer who wanted me to take photos of her whole family. We are talking her, her husband, 2 of their kids and their spouses (it was supposed to be all 3 kids and their spouses but 1 family was unable to make it) and 9 of their 10 grandchildren. That's right! 15 people in all! I was sooo nervous. First of all, she is a professional, second, 15 people! The largest group I have ever done was 8 at a wedding, and that was 4 years ago and all but 1 were adults! But this group was so fun to work with and because their mom/grandma was a professional, they were all used to photos and posed like the pros they are. It was great! I still need to edit the photos, so I don't have any to show right now, but I will show a few as as soon as I am done.

Anyhow, in addition to photo editing I am working on our "hey look, we've moved (again)" cards. We are set to move in just 6 weeks so I need to pack my stamp room. I want to get the cards made before we move because I don't know how many weeks it will be before I can unpack that room. So I will have those to share with you in the next week or so. Until then, I thought I would post this photo I took of my DD Tamara. She had to touch up her now red hair with dye and decided to go a little darker. It is now almost the exact color mine was when I was her age. :D


Proud Mom said...

Your daughter is just beautiful! Love her hair color and lovely glow to her skin! Cute project!

Andrea said...

The tin is way cute!!!