Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My adventures in cake decorating

So Tuesday night was my cake decorating class. Last week we did Mums and rose buds and reverse shell borders. I'm getting the hang of the reverse shell border, I hate the rose buds, but the Mums, rock!

This week we did Violets, Violet Leaves, Apple Blossoms and we learned how to work with color flow. Not so much liking the color flow, but I'll get used to it. We made birds with the color flow. I chucked mine because the color just wasn't right. It was a gorgeous gray blue, but my flowers are all bright, so I need brighter birds. So I will redo the birds and post those later, but for now, I thought I would share the ones I did last week and this week.

The orange flowers are my mums, the blueish purple ones are violets, the green are the violet leaves, the pink ones are the apple blossoms. I love the apple blossoms, they are so easy to do, and the mums are my other favorites. I'm not so much liking the violets or the violet leaves, but I'll get better.

I also got to create a little tonight so I will post that tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. *grin*

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Jen said...

Wow Sharon, you're getting really good!