Saturday, September 06, 2008

Belinda's Blog

In my last post I mentioned that since I can't stamp any new projects I would take the next week (until our computer gets packed an loaded on to the Uhaul) to share with you some of my favorite things to include blogs and websites. Today I am going to share with you just some of my favorite stamping related blogs.
I have a list of blogs that I read daily. Not all are stamping related, but I do check them out each day. (You can check out a more complete list to the right in my links section.)
A lot of my stamping friends blog, there is Dorinda, Amanda, Jody, Teresa, Jen, Jenn, Lisa, and Karen, just to name a few.
The blog I wanted to share with you is that of my dear friend Belinda. Now it's a funny story how I know Belinda. A few years ago I was in a swap for a mini catalog on SCS. I remember looking at all the cards from the swap and coming across one by belindaking (SCS screen name) and thinking how adorable it was. Well fast forward many months and I'm at church on a Tuesday night for a quarterly woman's activity and the sister (in our church we call eachother brother and sister, followed by the last name) who was giving the lesson was new to the ward (congregation) and was named Sister King. As I sat there listening to her lesson, which was awesome btw, I noticed that she had her lesson printed on the backs of SU flyers (I found out later that because she had just moved she hadn't yet unpacked the box with her computer paper in it and that was the only paper she could find, understandable). I laughed to myself thinking what a coincidence it would be if this sister King who obviously knows what Stampin Up is were actually Belinda from SCS. So after the activity I went up to her and told her how much I enjoyed her lesson and then I asked her if she belonged to SCS. She looked at me like I was nuts but answered that yes she was. I asked her if her screen name was belindaking, she again looked at me like I was nuts and looked as if she was starting to wonder if I was a crazy person who was going to come kill her during the night. But she answered that yes it was. Seriously, what were the chances! So I explained to her that I was not a crazy person (fooled her didn't I?) and that I too belonged to SCS and just happened to remember a swap she and I were both in. She must have decided I was somewhat normal because we became really good friends. Belinda and I stamped together, took cake decorating classes together, went to lunch many times together and just enjoyed hanging out. Belinda has recently moved and I dearly miss her. I do enjoy keeping up with her through her blog though. I've recently started doing her color challenges that she lists each friday on her blog. Sadly because my stamp stuff is packed I haven't been able to do the last two challenges (which sucks, cause they are gorgeous! But I'm going to attempt them when I get settled). The other day my husband saw one of the cards I did for one of Belinda's challenges and asked me why I call her BK. Now that is another story in itself but the long and short of it is, Belinda and I both chat occassionally on a thread on SCS. The ladies there nicknamed her BK for Belinda King. It just kind of stuck. I rarely call her that other then online, normally in person or on the phone I call her Belinda. So anyhow, check out Belinda's blog. She, just like all my friends that blog is super talented and such a fun person to know.
Belinda's Blog


Belinda said...

Miss you, Sharon! *sniff*

Robyn :) said...

Belinda is awesome!! I loved being in her stamp club and doing her challenges. She is also a great stamp enabler, I mean connection, I mean consultant LOL!!!

Sorry I wasn't at church, but I am having some issues with my throat. I will bethere next weekend for your last Sunday. and me or Tj or both of us will be at your house on Saturday.