Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just one of the many reasons....

Just one of the many reasons on why I love my husband.
A little back story....
As a teenager I was always on the thinner side. Although I thought I would was overweight, I was only a size 3/5, so that tells you that I was crazy in the head. After I had my daughter I stayed somewhat on the average side. I was a size 7 for a few years and then gained a little weight and went up to a size 10/12. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis. I have had many sugery's for this but it always seems to come back. Eight years ago my doctor at the time decided to try a course of treatments on me that he was sure would work to help me. Well, the course of treatments not only didn't work, but I gained a whole lot of weight. I really don't want to say on the world wide web how much weight, but let's just say it was a crazy amount. And we know it was the treatments because the weight gain was within 8 months time. Now here we are, 8 years later, and I am still sitting at this high weight. I have been able to drop some here and there, but, as some of you know I also have a condition called Syringomyelia which is a rare spinal cord condition that makes working out difficult at best. I have been to physical therapy for it, and that really seemed to help. However I was in physical therapy for months and months and the doctors now feel that I know enough to go it on my own and only go in for periodical check ups. I have been so busy that I have kind of gotten out of the habit of going to the gym. So the other day my friend Dorinda posted a link to our friend Ally's blog. Ally lives in the UK and for the last year or so has been doing WW's. She has lost 94 lbs.! She looks absolutely fantastic!

(I have been on WW's before, and it actually worked really well, but I do better when I can go to meetings. When we first moved here I went to a meeting and can I tell you, it was horrible. Everyone had their little groups of friends, I was there by myself and no one said a thing to me. Even the director of the group wasn't friendly. So I decided to try it on my own, that didn't work. I never did go back. I really want to, and had thought about finding meetings near where we are moving, but it's a 30-40 minute drive to the nearest one, each way. I know, just another excuse, I need to stop that)

But, Ally inspired me, to take action and start taking control of this weight thing. So DH and I had a conversation the other day. I told him that I needed his help. I wanted to start working out when we get to NM (the gym will only be about 6-8 blocks -one way- from where our new neighborhood is) But, I am so out of shape there is no way I will be able to walk to the gym and work out right at first. So baby steps. I decided that I wanted to start walking here. So each night I take the dog and I go on a walk around our neighborhood (about 8 blocks round trip) I walk sometimes in the mornings as well. I figured that I could start out with that and then by the time we get to NM I will be o.k. to walk the 6-8 blocks (one way) there and back to the gym. And then after a few weeks of that I will be able to walk to the gym, do a small workout and then walk back, then walk to the gym, do a longer workout and walk back and so on and so on. Baby steps. This way I don't over do it all at once. I can work my way into it. So I told DH about my plan. He was on board with it. So much so that he has been going with me. This helps to motivate me to keep a good pace as well as to walk the whole way and not whimp out halfway through.

So, on to why I love my husband. No, it's not cause he is a hot soldier

*snort* just had to sneak this pic in there. I love this picture. It's of him in Iraq in 2005 during his first deployment. and is one of my favorites of him.

And no, it's not cause he looks hot with a goatee, or because he makes me breakfast in bed, or because he cooks, takes care of me, and helps around the house. Although those are some of the things I appreciate about him. But, I love him because he is so supportive of me. When I told him of my plan to get healthy, he not only has decided to go with me on my walks, but he gets me up and going when I don't want to. Case in point, Sunday... we had company for dinner, by the time they left it was too late to walk. We all know once you don't do something once it's easy to have no desire to do it the next day. Yesterday I wasn't feeling well for most of the day. I felt fine in the evening though but still didn't want to walk. I told DH that I didn't want to go. He said that it was understandable and then left the room. He left to go get my socks and shoes and came back into the room with them and encouraged me to get up and go anyway. See! This is why I love my husband. Even when I don't want to do something he encourages me to do it anyway when it is for my own good.

I decided that Ally has it right, on her blog she would report how much she lost each week. So I am going to start doing that as well. I have a chart that I track my weight loss on, but that means the only one who I am accountable to is me. So I am going to start posting how much I have lost on my blog. On Sunday's (not this sunday though cause our computer will be in a box) I will post how much I lost from the week before. Just a little incentive to have to post to all of you out in blog land with how I am doing. *grin*


Karen said...

Way to go Sharon! Good luck on your journey! I know you have the strength to do it and the will!Maybe I will be motivated too. I gained atleast 40lbs following the Lupron Depot injections for my treatment of Endometriosis. It was the worst!

Belinda said...

What a sweetheart!

I know you'll do great. :) You should put tally marks of your total in your siggy on SCS, too... so I can keep up with you when I stalk, er, see you there. ;)

Alli said...

OMG! Honey, I cried and cried and cried when I read this. Good for you and good for your wonderful hubby.

I didn't lose the weight to be inspirational to others, I did it for me, but you know what? The side issue has been lots of my friends deciding to change their lives in small ways and it inspires me right back.

So thank you for reminding me of how important friendship and inspiring one another can be. If you can do it with all the pain and uncomfort that you suffer, then I can do it too, no excuses!

I love ya and I'm very proud of you hun!

Debbie said...

You go girl!!!

Debbie said...
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Shellyc said...

what a great man. Modivation can go along way. Good luck with your walks. I am sure it is nice when you get to take a stroll with the man you love.:)

Robyn :) said...

That's sweet, Sharon :) I should do some walking, too!!

To answer your commenton my blog -- we are going to be living on Pickett above Jackson. The water tower we see is not the golf course one. I don't know which one it is, but it is southwest and we can see it from the back of our house.