Friday, November 03, 2006


Our neighbors dog just had puppies! And guess what?!!! Our dog is the daddy!!! So we are "grandparents" to 6 adorable puppies! There were actually 8 but two died. One was stillborn and the other didn't live long after birth but the surviving 6 are healthy. Here are two pics. The mom Sandy is a Black Lab and our dog Sirius is well.... the vet told us he was a lab chow mix but the more research we do the less sure we are of that. We actually think he is a Black German Shepherd. He is pretty much a spitting image of the pics we have found on the net and all. So anywho, without further ado.... here are the puppies: They are 16 hours old in these pictures!

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Leslie said...

I wish I had one of Sirius's puppies!!!