Friday, May 11, 2007

Technique Friday!

As you know, this week I traded in our car for a pretty new van. We had our car for so long, it had so many miles on it and we needed a new one. Don't worry, DH knew I was doing it so I'm not in trouble. LOL In fact, he picked it out online and emailed me the link. *grin* (I love the internet, even at half a world away he can still help me car shop. LOL)

So anyhow, in honor of my pretty new van, I decided that for this week, the technique would be a technique that I have never done before, thus making it a week of new things. First I got a pretty new van, and then I got to try a fun new technique (well new to me LOL).

The melted crayon background is one I have been wanting to try for ages. In fact, I even bought a box of crayons just to attempt this (so I wouldn't be melting DD's LOL). It was sooo much fun!

Here is I used:
Iron, Aluminum foil, White Cardstock (not glossy) , Crayons, Best Blossoms stamp set (SU), Black Craft Ink, Sincere Salutations stamp set (SU), Black Grosgrain, Pixie Pink Cardstock, Basic Black Cardstock, Southwest corner punch (SU)

First I covered my iron with the Aluminum foil. This is so clean up will be a snap. Otherwise the iron will get all gross and yucky and frankly, who wants to clean that. LOL Then I turned on the iron to a medium heat. (While I was waiting for the iron to heat up I used that time to make sure I had a covered work surface, You can use a few sheets of scratch paper or some newspapers. This does soak through the cardstock so you want to make sure your work surface is covered well.)
After the iron is hot I grabbed my crayons I was working with (I used to shades of green and two shades of pink) and scribbled them onto the aluminum foil. Then I just ironed my cardstock. The crayons will transfer to the cardstock and make a cool background. I repeated this a few times until I got the look I was going for.
Then I took my best blossoms set and I stamped it using black craft ink, directly onto the crayon background. (because I used a solid stamp it left some blank spots, if you use an outline stamp it shouldn't do that.) Meanwhile I stamped my sentiment onto white cardstock and then punched the corners using the southwest corner punch. Then I matted it to pixie pink and punched those corners out. Then I matted that to black cardstock. Then I attached the melted crayons background to my pink card base and then attached my sentiment piece. I added some black grosgrain ribbon to give it a fun touch.

This technique was so much fun! I am so going to try this again!

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Dorinda said...

I just love it..Gorgeous!