Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving cards part 1

I haven't forgotten about Crockpot Sunday. I will post this weeks recipes later. I just wanted to start sharing my moving cards. This first one I have for you was just for fun. I was joking around about how we moved less than a year ago and I sent out "We've moved" cards then. So now when people get these new cards they are going to say "again?" So for fun, I made up some cards that say this:
This card is a no stamp card. I printed the sentiment on my printer using Very Vanilla Cardstock and then mounted it onto Taken With Teal. The printed paper is from a paper pack I got when I did the recipe tin a few weeks ago. I layered it onto Taken With Teal cardstock and then stitched it using my sewing machine and red thread. Chocolate Chip cardstock was used for the card base. Simple, quick and easy. *grin* I did 10 of these.

I also have a few other designs that I did that I will share later. I need to space them out because my craft room is now in these: All 4 of those boxes are my stamp sets. I have about 14 boxes total of my craft stuff and several rolling cards and cabinets that we just saran wrapped and taped closed (we saran wrapped them so that scorpions and other nasty things don't crawl into them and stow away. Yes, we taped our boxes really well too *wink*).

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