Friday, August 10, 2007

Black Background

Scrapjanny's weekend challenge on ASB this last weekend was to do a card using black as your background color. I immediately thought of a technique my friend Jenn showed me a year or so ago called the chalkboard technique. I couldn't quite remember how to do it during my late night stamping session of making this card so I improvised. I promise, this card looks waaay better in person. Not so dusty.

(All Supplies Stampin' Up unless otherwise noted)

The first thing I did was take my Basic Black cardstock and stamped it using In Full Bloom. I bought IFB three years ago because I loved what the ladies on SCS were doing with it. I thought, I can do that! So I bought it and have since used it 4 times including this card. I just can't get it to work for me. That'll teach me to give in to enableing huh? Nah! lol

Anyhow, I stamped the images randomly using Craft White ink. Just before the ink was completely dry (cause I'm inpatient) I took my daubers and applied Stampin Pastel chalkes to the images. I did this in a swirling motion because it covered faster (I said I was inpatient didn't I?). Then I realized that by doing this it made way too much dustiness (is that a word?) on the black so I promptly got out a swiffer cloth and dusted the excess chalk. Not like you can tell from the photo but trust me, it doesn't show this much IRL and it was waaay worse before I dusted it. Anywho, then I added some yummy green grosgrain ribbon with pink polka dots to the card. I think I got the ribbon at Hobby Lobby but who knows. LOL Then I stamped From The Heart from the Holidays and Wishes set using White ink on the BB cardstock and mounted it on Pink Passion CS. Added that to the card and decided to mount the whole card to a pink passion base.

*Off topic Alert* LOL This card is a total departure for me because I hate, and I do mean hate, as in loathe the color pink. I think that comes from being a red head when I was little. When I was younger it was a bad thing for red heads to wear pink. Ecspecially bright pink. *sigh* I hated pink so much that when my DD was a baby she very little pink in her wardrobe and what she did have was certainly not bought be me. I have gotten over some of my hatred of pink. I used to hate it times 5. Now it's just times 2, so I've gotten better. Maybe someday it will just be a dislike. LOL O.k. I know, totally off topic. What can I say, I had an energy spurt that lasted a few hours and unpacked more and cleaned and organized my kitchen last night to include scrubbing scuff marks off the floor with my friend the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (Love that product!) So it sent my back into spasms so I had to take my pain meds which are still in my system and making me loopy. So that's my excuse. LOL As if I needed another one huh? O.k. I'll stop for now.

I promised a few posts ago another contest to celebrate 100 posts on my blog. And now here I am 106 posts and no contest. I haven't forgotten. I have been working out the finer details. I will post about that within the next day or two. So stay tuned. For now, it's time to go baby shopping with my very good friend who is expecting in a few months! YAY!!


Jen said...

Beautiful Sharon! And funny that you hate pink! I totally remember being told that redheads shouldn't wear pink! LOL

Lisa said...

Beautiful tech Sharon.