Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ages and Ages

It has been Ages and Ages since I last blogged, I'm sorry. DH is home on leave right now and I haven't so much as picked up a single stamp in the last month I think. O.k. that's not totally true. I did make quick nametags for a church thing but other then that, I haven't done anything. I forgot to take pics of those, sorry... But I did take pics of the cake I made.
And here is a top view of the cake.

My writting skills still leave a little to be desired, which is sad since I have a message press set that I got for my birthday. If my writting is this bad with that set, imagine how bad it is without it though. *snicker*

Oh, and I forgot to share this one with you. In our church we do what is called Baby Blessings, sort of like a Christening, but not. Anyhow, my best friend had a baby in December and asked me if I could make a cake for the family party she did after her baby's blessing. I gladly said yes. The frosting consistency wasn't quite what I wanted but it still turned out nice.

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Belinda said...

Both cakes turned out so nice! I'm sure they were delicious, too. ;)