Monday, August 18, 2008

1st birthday cake

Yesterday I told you about a friend of mine who asked me to make her daughter's 1st birthday cake. She asked me to do a small cake, big enough for the birthday girl to dive into. Her only other request was that there be pink on the cake. So I set out to find ideas and I came across the cake for the course 1 final in the cake decorating classes I took a while back. It would be perfect! So I made a smaller version. Keep in mind that it has been months and months since I have done roses so I am out of practice. Not to mention that the cake was moister then anything so it was hard to decorate. Moist cakes are wonderful for eatting, not so much for decorating. So here is the finished cake:

Like I said, not anywhere near what I had hoped it would be, but the mommy (my friend) was happy so I guess that is all that matters. It was a small 6 inch strawberry cake with pink roses (they weren't that pink in person, the lighting was weird when I took the pic) and white dots to look like pearls. Lynz (the birthday girl- short for Lynzie) is a girly girl if I have ever seen one so I knew that cake would be perfect for her. Everyone else said it was a pretty cake and wanted to know who made it, so maybe I am just too critical of myself. What else is new right?

So, what did the birthday girl think? You tell me:

Enjoying the frosting. It was funny, she would take part of a frosting rose off and put it in her mouth, then take a bigger part and try to feed everyone else. haha!

Her mommy showed her that there was more to the cake then just frosting. Lindzey tried to share with me.

Showing everyone that she was very happy to have cake!

I think she liked it, don't you?

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Robyn :) said...

Yeah, she liked it :)

It was really pretty, too, Sharon :)