Saturday, December 06, 2008

A card, a Stocking, a Ball, and a tree

A few months ago my husband went to my daughter and told her that he wanted to give me a hand made card for my birthday but asked her if she could make it (since she loves to do that kind of thing and he really doesn't.). She excitedly said o.k. The other day my hubby handed me the card. I love it! She is becoming quite the stamper! She used the Grumpabella from Stampin Bella along with some Gable Green and Orchid Opulence CS (cause purple and green are my favorite colors) and colored the bella (the robe is turqiouse which is her favorite color. hehe) and she added some light green brads. The sentiment is from It's Your Birthday (SU).
I had absolutely no clue, which is saying something because neither of them can keep a secret. It was a pleseant surprise and I love it!

Speaking of my daughter, as you know I have been working on Cross-Stitching Christmas Stockings for the last little while. I haven't made a huge amount of progress on T's, but it's getting there. I haven't been able to work on it as much as I would like but that should change soon. I would really like to have her's done by this Christmas.

And a shot of the details so you can see what it is taking me so long!

So anyhow, last night was the 8th Anniversary of my first date with my hubby (he actually remembered that, not me. I knew that our first date was on the 5th of Dec. but yesterday for whatever reason it didn't click that yesterday was the day. I know, I'm brilliant, aren't I?) So anyhow, where we live does a Holiday Ball every year for those that live here and since our unit just got here we were included. J got dressed up in his dress greens (similar to Class A's but instead of the green shirt and tie it is a white shirt and bow tie) and I did my hair and makeup and put on a nice gown and we went to a ball. It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend the anniversary of our first date. On our first date we went to dinner and played miniature golf afterwards. We doubles with his brother and his brothers wife (who also happens to be my friend, she is how hubby and I met). This picture was taken at our house just before the ball last night. We did get a professional photo taken there but we won't get those for several weeks.

And just for kickers, I thought I would post a pic of our Christmas tree this year. It doesn't look as good as what it has in years past, but still not bad. That and we got a new tree this year, not sure we like it. We'll see.

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L. Taggart said...

Love the picture of you guys! You both look great! Merry Christmas!!! I need your new address to send you a card! Love ya!