Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 to choose from!

So I ended up doing 3 mock cakes for my BIL and future SIL for their wedding. They will get to choose thier actual cake from these 3. I hope they like at least 1 of them! Two of them are o.k. in my opinion, but one of them, one of them I really love. And I hope they choose that one. But we'll see. Anyhow, here they are!

The wedding colors are various shades of blue, with a little bit of lavender. I bought some silk flowers that are some gorgeous shades of blue and some purple ones that are a little darker then lavender, but compliment the blues so well.

(keep in mind, the actual wedding cake icing will be smoother then this, these are styrofoam cake dummies -that hubby made of course- and I had a harder time icing them then I expected. so ignore the bumpiness of the icing).

Cake #1-
This is a classic 3 tier cake, stacked construction, navy satin ribbon, dot border, with some flower clusters. (If they choose this one I will do more flower clusters then just the ones you see here)

Cake # 2-

On this one I did a shell border, I used seperator plates between the layers. I added the flowers to hide the gap between tier 1 & 2. If they choose this one the pillars won't be so tall. Since this is a cake dummy and I will want to use it for future use I didn't want to put holes in the middle one to make pillars smaller (which is what I would do on the actual cake, the bottom part of the pillars would go into the middle tier itself.)
I added some flowers around and inbetween the pillars and a flower cluster on top.

Cake # 3-

This is actually the 2nd cake that I made (and the 2nd one that I showed them) but it is my favorite so I wanted to show it last here. This one is a 3 tier cake. Seperator plates are used in between the layers, and flowers are used to hide the gaps. Shell border is done on the bottom of each layer and a flower cluster on the top. Do you see why this one is my fav?

All in all I'm pleased with how these turned out. I had contemplated some more elaborate cakes, but since I will only have about a day to do the cake (including bake time) I didn't want to present something that I can't finish, or that I can't have look perfect on wedding day.


Proud Mom said...

WOW! You are so talented! I love them all - I think they are going to have a hard time trying to decide!

Aaron and Janele Williams Family said...

Simple. Yet, elegant. I love them all. You want to do my wedding cake? Oh, wait. Too late!

Andrea said...

I vote for #3!!

Andrea said...

I pick #3!!....Oh wait, do I get a vote?

PTK VP said...

From one who knows how to decorate cakes-all I can say is hats off to you! Job very well done!