Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recent Photography

I haven't posted and photography shots in a while. Sorry bout' that!

Last weeks photography challenge on Splitcoast was the 25th challenge. We were asked to post something that makes us smile. And then there was a bonus challenge where we posted a photo that we have taken that could be a postcard. So here are my iSmile photos:

I read the challenge and immediately thought of my husband, my daughter, and my dog. Well, my daughter is at her dad's, so I couldn't do a photo of her. My husband was sleeping, the thought of taking a picture of my sweet wonderful husband taking a much deserved nap after a hard day at work made me smile even more, so I tip toed into the bedroom and took this:

My dog always makes me smile, he cracks me up. He's such a funny dog, if you knew him, he would make you smile too:
Now for the postcard challenge, I actually posted a picture I had taken at White Sands while my in-laws were visiting back in January. That is sand, not snow in this picture.
Now this weeks challenge is to take a picture of something at an odd angle, whether looking up at it, down on it, angle the camera, etc. The weather has always been really nice in New Mexico, with the exception of a few days here and a few days there. It has been so nice lately that my hubby has started watering the lawn on our designated days (since we live on a military post, they have days that are designated for us water our lawn.). Well yesterday was one of those days, I went outside and took some pictures, here is one I took of the trees turning green and the sun peeking through. I love this shot!


Proud Mom said...

Great shots! It's fun posting to those challenges isn't it? Good work!

PTK VP said...

Beautiful pics daughter-absolutely beautiful!

L. Taggart said...

Sharon, you are a most awesome friend! Thanks for doing the invites for us. You are the best!!! Hope you are doing well today! Love ya!

Kim said...

Fun shots! I also want to say the cakes are great. For future, to make your life easier, ice the dummy cakes with royal frosting and use water to get super smooth. Then they are pre-frosted white for when you need them and don't have to start over as far each time.