Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Cake Idea

I got an email last week from the bride-to-be (and my soon to be sister-in-law) telling what she wanted in her wedding cake. She likes the idea of the pillars and asked if I could do something on the sides of the cake so that the cake wasn't just smooth on the side. She also asked if I could do frosting flowers instead of silk flowers (she has seen some of my past cakes I guess and likes the flowers I have done on those, the thing is, most of those are frosting flowers, but they are non-edible since they are fondant flowers). So I took her thoughts and ideas and came up with another cake choice. I am actually really pleased with this one. If they choose this one it will have more roses on it (I ran out of blue buttercream frosting, now I know I need to do lots of blue frosting for the actual wedding cake if they choose this one). Anyhow, here is what I came up with:

My sweet wonderful husband made me a second 10 inch dummy cake, this time with holes in it for the pillars so I could actually do the cake with the pillars like they are meant to be.

Here is a close up of the cake, looking down on it a little. Here is a close up of the top tier (left bare on the top so if they get a cake topper they can put it on there). You can also see the scallops on the sides. I did rosettes at the top of each scallop. I did a larger shell border on the bottom of each tier and a small shell border on the top of each tier. A close up shot of one of the roses (the roses are a denim blue, I can't get them darker without the coloring effecting the flavor, this is actually my favorite of my blue colorings too, and the leaves are a Juniper green). I love how the roses came out! They are the best buttercream roses I have every done!

I did try a cake with a more elaborate filigree pattern on the sides, but I did one layer and my hands were killing me. There is no way I would be able to do a cake of that calibure in the amount of time that I have an still be able to function afterwards. So this is about as elaborate as I can get and still be o.k. after making it. This practice cake took about 4 hours (partly because I had no clue where I was going with it when I started it). I would spend 5-6 hours on the actual cake to make sure it is as perfect as I can get it. Such as the scallops being evenly spaced on their actual wedding cake.

We'll see if they like this one. I hope so, I had fun doing it. I'll let you know!


Proud Mom said...

What a beautiful cake! And those roses are just perfection! You are such a sweet person to do all this to make the bride happy!

Robyn :) said...

I like it :)

PTK VP said...

Oh Sharon! That is absolutely beautiful! Awesome job.