Monday, March 09, 2009

Invites and dummy cakes

My brother-in-law (hubby's brother that is just younger then him) is getting married in less then 6 weeks. He asked me if I would make the wedding invitations. I said sure. Silly me! They need 200+so I will be a busy little bee getting them done. I have some of the supplies, hopefully the rest will get here soon so I can knock them out and get them to the bride and groom with ample time still left to mail them out.

BIL also kind of "joked" in Jan. when he was here visiting that if he got married I could make his wedding cake. Well, what do you know, he gets engaged. I ask him if he was serious and wants me to make the cake. He says yes but he will talk to his lovely fiancee' (who I have never met since we don't live there, but I hear from everyone who has met her that she is great, a perfect fit for him) I hear nothing back from them. Another BIL tells me that as far as he knows yes, they want me to do the cake since they are telling people I am doing it. So o.k. I talk to BIL who is getting married to confirm with him, and he says that he hasn't heard anything to contrary from his fiancee' so yes, I'm doing the cake.

Rather then having them choose a cake off the internet or from a photo and having them fall in love with it only to find out I can't do it and make it look perfect I figured I would do some mock-up cakes and then let them choose which one they like. That way I know that I can do whichever one it is they choose and do it well. Rather then baking and decorating multiple cakes and having to find some poor soul to pawn them off on my sweet hubby decided to make me some "dummy cakes". These are cakes made out of styrafoam. This way I can decorate them, take the picture, wash the frosting off and decorate the next cake, take that picture, etc. Then the bride and groom can choose which they like that way. Saves a lot of un-needed baking. Not only will this work for mock-ups, but once they choose their cake if it is one I need to practice I can do that on the dummy cake as often as I need to so that the cake will look fabulous come wedding day. (or as fabulous as I can make it) So this weekend hubby has been working on dummy cakes for me. He is almost done with them and then I can start decorating.

As for the invitations, I did 7 samples, the bride chose 1 that she liked, but asked me to incorporate a couple of things from some of the others. So I did that. Now I am just waiting on them to choose an ink color (that and the rest of my cardstock) and then I can start on those. So hopefully by the end of the week I will have some cakes and invites for you to see (the invites with all the indentifying info taken out of course).

As for the scrapbook pages for our adoption profile, I am waiting for a few photos to come from Snapfish. I love Snapfish, I am getting 10 photos printed and I'm only paying 90 cents!

In the meantime, I found this project that I never shared with you. It is one I did for a friend of mine before she moved from KS. Yes, it is that old! I made one similar for a few of friends, each taylor made for them.
I sure miss my KS friends....

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Proud Mom said...

You are so generous to be doing all those invitation and their cake! WOW that will be a lot of work! Love your photo - I bet your friend was touched with the gifts.