Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Picture Tag

My Sister-In-Law Andrea tagged me. It's been a while since I have been tagged and frankly, this one looked like so much fun that I had to do it. Here are the rules:

1~ Go to your document/picture file
2~ Go to the 6th file
3~ Go to the 6th picture
4~ Blog about the picture
5~ Tag 6 friends

Anyone who knows me and/or has seen my house knows I like to be organized. Ask my husband. I reorganize my house probably once a month. Seriously, I try to find ways to make things function better. So I like to reorganize. (Does this translate into being a neat freak? Not really, I just like things clean, but I wouldn't say I'm a "neat freak") Anyhow, my pictures are no exception, they are organized into categories, and sub categories etc, so when the rules said to go to the 6th file and then to the 6th picture, I had to go a little further.

I went to the 6th file which was our family photos category, then to the 6th sub category file which was wedding photos, from there I had 3 files (bridal pictures, engagement pictures, wedding pictures) so I went to the 3rd one (since 3 twice equals 6 right?) which was my wedding photos. From there I found a 6th photo, now I want to share the pictures just before and after this one too (cause they are cute and I will use any excuse to show off my wedding pictures. *wink*)
So just before that 6th photo that I finally came to we see this:

My photographer was trying to get a photo of my sweet hubby and I with our parents. She told my father-in-law to scoot in a little closer. So he scoots in closer and hugs my mother-in-law. Rebecca (our photographer) realized where Jacob gets his affectionate ways from. So after she snapped that photo she took this one of us with our parents, (this one was the 6th photo that I was supposed to post in todays picture tag)After this photo she had Jacob and I kiss (again, we did a lot of kissing pictures, after all, it was our wedding day!) and have our parents act annoyed: And this final picture is my favorite in the line of photos with our parents. This time Rebecca asked the parents to kiss and for us to be shocked. Now, my stepdad right after Rebecca told us what to do for the photo asked why we would be shocked that they were kissing. And then he said, "after all, we are married", then he grabs my mom and plants one on her, so my look of shock, is real! I hope you enjoyed my little story through pictures. As for who I will tag, I don't know if any of them will do it, but just in case they want to, I want to tag, my mother-in-law Alice Ann, my sister-in-law Ruth, my other sister-in-law Janele, and my friends, Robyn, Lydia, and of course, Shelly.


PTK VP said...

I sure loved those pictures. Thanks for sharing them again!

Aaron and Janele Williams Family said...

Cute. The story is perfect with the three pictures.