Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fantastic News!!!! (means a blog name change)

I just got word from our adoption caseworker. We are officially and approved adoptive couple! YAY!!! He has posted our profile on the agency's website. We are adopting through LDS Family Services. The great thing about them is that birth families don't need to be LDS in order to use their services (which are free to birthmoms). The services include counseling for birth families, and if adoption is chosen LDS Family Services will provide medical care for the birth mom as well as counseling after placement. Which was really important to me. I was a teen mom, I had Tammy when I was 16. I can't even imagine the hard decision and sacrifice that will be made by our birth mom so it was really important to me that she be given all kinds of support by not only her family, but by the agency as well. The agency is very low pressure. In fact, they even offer services to help those birth parents who choose to keep thier children. They offer counseling and parenting classes. The services there are numerous. We were so glad when we chose to go with them.

We hope to find a birth family who is wanting an semi-open adoption. We want to keep in touch through letters, pictures, and emails for years to come. We think that contact even after our adoption is finalized is essential to everyone, not only the families and us, but to the precious little baby who is so loved by all.

If you or anyone you know is considering adoption or is just in need of help making decisions in their pregnancy, contact LDS Family Services. Our profile along with a lot of other couples who are waiting for the blessing of adoption, can be viewed at http://www.beta.itsaboutlove.org/ Contact information to the agency are on the website as well. To learn more about us that isn't in the profile, check out our family blog at http://www.jacobandsharon.blogspot.com/

Now that we are officially approved I have to change the name of my blog. I am going to change it Crazy Crafty Creations. So for those of you who are subscribers to my blog, starting tomorrow your notifications will come through with that name. If you have my blog linked to yours, please change the name in your links.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! We are so excited about this new path our lives are taking!

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Proud Mom said...

Congrats on your acceptance - yay for you guys! Great new title!