Monday, April 20, 2009

The rest of the week and a new name

Last week was such a whirlwind weekend. We saw a lot of houses, decided to put in an offer on one (the tri-level) found out Saturday night that it had just gone under contract. Decided aganist putting an offer in on the other house I mentioned last posting (the area isn't the best my brother said, he lives a couple of miles from that other house, so he knows). We went to my daughters play 3 times. She was Frenchy on Thursday night and did amazing! Thursday I also baked the cakes for the wedding, Friday I decorated it (and finished just in time to go to the third and final night of Tammy's play). Saturday was the wedding, pretty much all day. The ceremony was in the morning, a wedding luncheon in the afternoon, and the reception that evening. We left Sunday morning to come back here and made it home by just after 11. Whew! What a week! My brother's were awesome to let us stay at their house. And I think my brother Matt (who owns the house) even enjoyed having our dog there. I will post pictures later today or tomorrow, right now I am going to go rest.

****Oh! Update on the adoption! We got our assessment to look over. We proofed it, there are a few corrections that our caseworker needs to make but other then that all is good and positive. (Just things like, he said I was 15 when my parents divorced, I was 14, just little things like that so we can sign it and he will make the changes). The approval board has already met to talk about our case unofficially so once he gets our signed assessment back we will be officially approved for adoption!

***** Speaking of the adoption, I need to change my title to my blog. We have an adoption blog for prospective birth families to learn more about us. Well if they click on my name, they will see that I have two blogs, this one and that one. They will also know what my last name is because of the current title of this blog. The agency doesn't want last names known so I need to change my blog title. Just wanted to give you a heads up! :)

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Proud Mom said...

My what a busy, busy week you've had. So glad to hear the wedding went well and you had fun! This will be a great year for you I think!