Monday, January 15, 2007

Problems, problems, problems!

Jeez! I have been trying to log on to my blog to update for the last few days. I have done everything from deleting the cookies to deleting the internet files and beyond! Nothing worked. So finally I figured the problem must be my browser. So I switched browsers and this new one so far is working great. Hey, I got on to update my blog right? LOL Anyhow, sorry I haven't been on. I know it has been a long while since I have updated. I also know I promised a tutorial for the shaving cream tech. Well I have been busy and then we went on vacation and then we got home and I was really not feeling well. I am somewhat starting to get better so I thought I would update my blog and let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you. As soon as I can I will stamp something and post it. I have done some stamping but I can't post it because it's a surprise for someone. LOL Anyhow, like I said, as soon as I can I will stamp something and I promise, it will be something I can post this time.

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