Monday, July 30, 2007

100 posts, I CRACK myself up!

LOL I had to come up with something clever for the title of my 100th post! Can you believe it? Boy do I talk alot! LOL So, in honor of my 100th post, I have been cooking up another contest. What I'm going to do yet, I don't know but I will have more details later this week. In the meantime, why does 100 posts CRACK me up? Well, it doesn't really, just thought it would be a clever title to tie in my 100th post with today's technique. I know, I know, I need to get out more. *wink* So, today is the 22nd week for the technique challenge, what did I choose for you?

One that I absolutely love to do, but rarely get around to. CRACKed glass! (does the CRACK myself up part make sense now?) I'm making myself roll my eyes, can't imagine how all of you are going to get through this post. LOL O.k. so, on to business, Here is how you do cracked glass:

First, you want to stamp your image on your cardstock, then you will color it as desired. Next, apply versamark over the entire piece of cardstock. Next sprinkle your Glassy Glaze or UTEE over the piece. If you don't have Glassy Glaze or other UTEE, use crystal clear embossing powder. Cover entire image and tap off excess powder. Heat the powder with your heat gun until melted. while it is still hot, add another layer of the Glassy Glaze or UTEE and heat again. If you are using the Glassy Glaze or UTEE you will want to do this 3 or so times, if you are using regular embossing powder you will need to do this step around 6 times. (If at any time the previous layer is cooled before you can get the next layer on, it's o.k. either reheat it or add more versamark -this is what I do) once you have enough layers and you have a completely smooth surface put your piece in the freezer for a minute or two. Afterwards take your cardstock out and carefully bend the cardstock in various directions. Your piece should now crack. Once you get the look you want, finish your card as desired.

I had someone ask me how I keep my CS from rolling up when I heat emboss it, here is my answer: I use a pair of Bamboo tongs to hold onto the CS. I always leave an extra little bit on at the end that I don't have the EP on so that I have that to hook the Bamboo tongs onto (keeps my fingers from burning) and then I am constantly moving the heat gun around. The moving helps the CS not to curl as well. A little curling will happen, I'm not sure there is anything that can help that but all of what I posted above does help cut down on the curling.

I hope that makes sense to all of you.

Here is my sample:

My sweet friend Jenn let me come over one day (since all my stuff was packed) and let me use her stamp stuff to create this fun card. I'm sorry about the darkness of the picture. My scanner doesn't seem to work on my new computer so I had to take a picture but since the flash always glares on the "glass" I just turned the flash off so it turned out a little dark. But I promise, this is so pretty IRL.

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Jenn said...

This card is STUNNING IRL!! I watched her create it and WOWERS...if you havent tried cracked glass...try it ASAP!!
And Sharon, you CRACK me up!! LOL