Sunday, July 22, 2007

Getting Settled

well, the move last week went o.k. On Tuesday a friend came over in the morning to help pack up the rest of the odds and ends. She brought her three kids whom we had load some things in my van and her H3. Things like clothes and breakables and such. Then we brought them over to my new place and the helped me bring everything inside. After I gave them a tour of the new place of course. Tuesday afternoon I went and picked up my UHaul. Another friend took me to go get it since I couldn't drive my van and the UHual. I may be talented, but not that talented. ROFL! I got there and realized I may need proof of insurance to get back on the military post. So I gave my keys to my sweet friend and she went to go get the proof of insurance while I drove to the gate I needed to be to in order to get in. She would meet me there. I got there only to discover that that gate was closed and I had to go to different gate. So I tried twice to call my friend. Couldn't get a hold of her. Figured she would see the sign saying the gate was closed and she would meet me at the gate I had to go to now. So I get to the other gate, try to call her again, no answer. I go inside to get my pass allowing me on post and find out I don't need the proof of insurance. So I try to call my friend again. No answer. So I decide I can't wait because there people at my house waiting to load the truck. So I get to my house only to realize, shoot! She has my keys, all my keys, including my house key for both houses. Crud! What was I going to do! I tried to call her again. No answer. (She forgot to take her cell with her) So I have one of the people who is there to help move things take me over to the housing office. It will be open for one more hour. So I go to the housing office and thankfully they have a spare key. So I was able to let everyone in to load the truck. About 10 minutes late my friend gets there and apologizes and so did I. 4 people were there to help load the truck. It was smaller because that was all they had so we had to make two trips but we got it done. Then on Wednesday, another sweet friend sent her kids over to help me paint. We are aloud to paint our rooms any color we want but we have to cover them over with a nuetral color before we leave so they were there to help me do that. Then on Thursday some ladies from my church came over and helped me clean. We had our final inspection to sign out of the old quarters on Friday and passed with flying colors. It's been a heck of a week. On Friday afternoon I went to a friends house to pick something up, we ended up going out to dinner and then hanging out at her house till it was time to go buy the new HP book. I have been reading it off and on ever since. *grin* I am a little over half way through. Would be more but my back has been in so much pain that I have been having to take my pain meds. So needless to say I have been falling asleep while reading. That and I keep going back and reading more and more. Love this book! It's the best yet! Sad that it's the last in the series but she sure did end it with an awesome book! Anyhow, back to reading.

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