Monday, July 16, 2007

Bare with me

I know, I know, it's monday night and still no technique. I needed to ask you all to bare with me for a couple of weeks. While I thought I would be able to post a challenge today, I was wrong. I was supposed to get my keys for my new place tomorrow morning. So when I called first thing this morning to confirm, they told me that my new quarters were ready and I could come get the keys today! So I started moving in today. My internet is being shut off here tomorrow morning and will be turned on at the new place sometime on Wednesday but I will be so busy for the next week or so that I won't be able to post until probably close to the 1st of August. But, I promise you, when I start posting again, it will be good! I was walking around my new place today and was surprised to see a HUGE closet in the upstairs hallway that will be perfect for my crafts. I had feared that they would have to be in a corner in my room or something. But instead they will be in this closet. So I am very excited about that and the hamsters in my brain are already running on their wheels giving me ideas for new projects to share. So bare with me my faithful blog reading friends. *grin*

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Dorinda said...

You are a Rockin' Girl Blogger!!