Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Craft Area

When we got back from Utah we put all the stuff we had gotten for the baby into my daughter's room so that it would be out of the way for a little bit (knowing that we would have to move it before she got back from her dad's). We didn't want it all outside in the garage where it would get saw dust on it (not to mention where it could have bugs crawling all over it). We have only a few weeks before my daughter comes back so that means it's time to move things around.
Our kitchen is actually an eat in kitchen that we never used other then for cooking since we had a dining room for eatting. Instead we had a book shelf with some cookbooks in the eat in part of the kitchen. So we needed a new place for the cookbooks. So I moved my cake stuff into the food storage room (since I don't get asked to do cakes often anymore there isn't a need for that stuff in the kitchen). Then I moved the cookbooks to the now empty cupboard where some of the cake stuff had been (yes, we have that many cookbooks that they fit an entire cupboard, and I still have two cupboards in the kitchen that still have cake stuff in them, because, yes, I have that much cake stuff too). We moved the bookshelf into the food storage area as well and then moved the dining room table into the kitchen. There had been a rug under the dining room table that we moved into the living room (the dog loves that, now he has an even bigger area to lazy around in and you can often find him smack dab in the middle of that rug). I left the pictures up that were in the room formerly known as the dining room because they are our wedding pictures and I love to look at them. (we had the best photographer, Rebecca Montague of Montague Photography, based out of Bountiful Utah. Who sadly, doesn't do weddings anymore, but she offers tons of other great photo ops.)

Anywho, the next two days were spent moving all my craft stuff into what had been the dining room. We had left the bookshelf with the photo albums (and my colored glass collection) in the dining room and I utilized the empty shelves to store my stamping and crafting books on it. The shelves that hold my stamp sets and alterable items were put next to the existing shelf. (we couldn't put it right next to it because there is a telephone outlet there that sticks out)
Here is my paper storage. The filing cabinet has all my 8x10 paper and the wire unit next to it holds my 12x12 paper. There is a purple box on top of that with my diecuts and chipboard. (the box on top of the filing cabinet is the hardcase for my camera, there is also my mini tripod, and come crocheting stuff on top of it that won't fit anywhere else.)

Here is my main crafting area. I like this set up. I have a lot more work surface area. And when my daughter is back, there is lots of space for her to work with me (she has her own area in her room, but it's nice to be able to work on projects together sometimes and in my old room there wasn't the space to do that)
Because the window is there I had a limited space to put my ink and marker storage. So I came up with a new setup for it. Just goes to show you how versatile this unit is. :o) (Thank you once again to my wonderful husband for making me this awesome unit)

I have one other area that I don't have organzied yet so I didn't take a picture of it, but it's the area with all my rolling carts that house my ribbons and punches and embossing powder and other crafting goodies.

Now that the room formerly known as my craft room is emptied out we have been moving the baby's stuff into it. So that room is now known as the baby's room. I know that it may still be years before we are chosen by a birthmom, but it's good to know that when that does happen, we are ready. The baby's room now has a crib, a dresser/changing table, a pack and play (portable crib), a book shelf, a chair for rocking the baby to sleep, and a car seat and stroller. We do still need a high chair but since the baby won't need that until he or she is 4 months old at least, we have a little bit of time to get that. The closet is empty right now which is perfect because now we have space to put diapers and such as we get those. We do have some blankets and burp clothes but we haven't gotten any clothes yet because we don't know if our little one will be a boy or a girl.

So things are shaping up. I did decide to make another crib set (well, I'm doing the quilt and my mom is doing the rest of the crib set). The jungle animal one I did just looks too boyish, which is great if our little one is a boy. But, I want something else in case our little one is a girl. So I had an idea in mind to do a sweet soft set with roses. My mom thinks it's a fabulous idea and is all for making two crib sets. So I'll see what I can find at the fabric store this next week. Wish me luck!


Jennifer said... are motivating me to reorganize my very much neglected stamp/craft room! I needed some motivation:)

Proud Mom said...

Looks so organized! Good work on your "remodel"