Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Babies and Bears

Thought I would post the projects I did the other day. It has been cloudy and weird here lately so the pictures aren't the best. But you get the general idea. This first one is the picture frame that I did for my sister-in-law Janele and her new baby (my new nephew) Mathew (yup, just 1 T there, not 2)

I had this wooden picture frame that I got a while back and I just haven't figured out what to do with it. I was trying to come up with something to make for the little guy and I came across the frame. So I popped in a movie (cause that's what I do when I craft, I put in a movie that I have seen many times so that I can just listen to it while I work, this time it was Pearl Harbor. I love that movie), and I got to work. I chose my paper and decided to go with this cute plaid that I got in a paper pack from my mother-in-law a while ago. It is really sweet with various blue shades and a green stripe. I mixed some paint colors till I got the exact green I wanted (to match the stripe) and I painted the hole frame with a couple of coats of the green. Then I put the frame against the paper and traced so I could get an exact (well close to it) match to fit the frame. I attached the paper using my trusty modge podge. The letters were done by stamping the headline alphabet onto a thin chipboard in black ink and cutting each letter. The letters were attached using modge podge as well. When I first did the frame it had only the word baby on it with the ribbon. I just didn't like it so I let it sit for a day and then went back to it and added the word boy. I went throught my images to find one fitting to a baby. The only one I remotely liked that would fit the frame was the cute elephant from Year After Year. So I went with that. I stamped it on White CS and colored using just my markers. (Elephant is ballet blue, the feet are bordering blue) Then I cut it so it was just the elephant and not the board thingy too. I attached that with, what else? Modge Podge. I am really happy with the end result.
Those of you who know me know that I do a lot more then just stamp. I also paint, do ceramics, quilt, and just about every other crafty thing. Well the other day I got in the mood to paint. So I went into my now dwindiling stock of unpainted ceramic pieces (read, I only had this one when I used to have tons!) and I pulled out this set of bears that I had for a while. My dad made this peice seveal years ago at the ceramics shop that they have on the base where he used to work. I just had to paint these little guys in preparation for Christmas. (sorry about the fuzzy picture, they are so much cuter in real life) I did this while watching Surviving Christmas. That show cracks me up!

I did take pictures of my craft room since I reorganized it, but those pictures are seriously fuzzy. So I will try to retake them.

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