Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In

Well, this last week didn't fair as well as the week before.
I worked out a lot more, I drank a lot of water (although probably not as much as I should have for how active I was). But the real problem? While I ate a lot of healthy stuff, I did indulge a lot more then what I should have.
But, that's o.k. This is a new week so I will do better.
I have devised a new schedule for myself. It looks something like this:
Monday: Workout
Tuesday: Housework & Walk
Wednesday: Workout
Thursday: Housework & Walk
Friday: Workout
Saturday: Outside work & Walk

This way I am doing something each day, but not over doing it. Sunday's will be my rest day. We'll see how this week goes. Maybe I can lose the 2 lbs. I gained this week. *rolling eyes*

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