Friday, November 28, 2008

I've been tagged.... twice!

I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by my friend Shelly. I have known Shelly for years and years. Wow, that makes us sound old. We met while we were in Jr. High about 16+ years ago. Crazy how time flies.
Anyhow, Shelly's tag was to list 8 random facts about myself.
I was also tagged the other day by Robyn. Robyn and I met at church back in Kansas a couple of years ago. Robyn's tag was to list 6 random facts about myself.
I'm not sure if I can come up with 14 total random facts, so I am just going to combine the two. I'm not going to tag anyone back, just do this if you want to k!

1. I'm double jointed, in fact my pinky on my right hand can bend at the first knuckle without bending the rest of the finger. It's kind of gross.

2. I played the flute for a year and a half in elementary school. (In fact, that's how I learned about the pinky thing, I went to go play the last note at the end of the flute and my pinky wouldn't bend except at that first knuckle.

3. I have never read the Twilight books, and don't really plan to. I may see the movie someday but I'm not in any hurry.

4. Speaking of books made into movies, I didn't start reading the Harry Potter books until I saw the 1st movie. My SIL and Aunt took me to go see it on opening night and kept teasing me before the movie started about being a muggle. I loved the movie so much that I went home and told my hubby that we had to get the books. Both hubby and I have been hooked ever since. Thanks Andrea and Lisa!

5. I love to cook, but my husband loves to cook more, so he does most of the cooking in our house.

6. I haven't made a cake since my friends Chelsea had me do her daughter's 1st birthday cake and that was many months ago. I really need to make one again. Gotta keep the skills up.

7. I hate large crowds, I get panic attacks when I am around a lot of people that I don't know. To include traffic, when I am in heavy traffic I get panic attacks so bad that I hyperventilate.

8. I love looking at houses for sale online. Even though it is still at least 9 months before we move back home and buy a house but I love to look and see what's out there and dream about our future home.

O.k. so there are those two tags, combined. That was harder then I thought! Like I said I am not going to tag anyone else. Just do this if you want.

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