Friday, April 13, 2007

As designed by DH

So here are the cards I mentioned in the last post. My DH wanted to send some special cards while he is gone so he asked me to stamp a few for him. The first one he wanted was a B-Day card for DD. So I had him sit down with my book of stamp sets and choose what sets he wanted to use and what colors. So for DD's card he chose Bashful Blue and Barely Banana. The sets he chose were Summer By The Sea, Button Bear and Border Builders. Not sets I would normally put together but this was his card so I went with it. Then he showed me the layout he had in mind. So this is DD's b-day card as designed by DH:

The 2nd card DH wanted me to make was a Mother's Day Card for his mom. So again, he chose the colors and he chose the sets. He chose Pretty In Pink (I added the Barely Banana cause it needed something) and he chose Always On My Mind and Polka Dots and Paisley. (I added the Aida BG) So here is MIL's card from DH:
I told him that he had to make sure to tell them both that yes, I stamped them as always, but he designed them. That makes it more special.

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