Monday, April 16, 2007

The other project I was working on

A while ago I was saying that I was working on a project but I couldn't post it because the recipient reads my blog. Well the recipient is my hubby. The last time he deployed I made him a 6x6 scrapbook filled with messages and pictures of family and friends. He loved it and said it helped him so much while he was gone for that year. I decided while he was away at training a couple of months ago, that I would do the same thing this time. So I was working diligently to get it done in time. Well I finished it and gave it to him on Tuesday. He loved it! Here are just a few pages from that book.

Me and DD Dec. 06
Our dog Sirius, isn't he cute!

Me in Apr. 06

The book is a total of almost 60 pages. Opposite some of the pages is a message from that person. For instance, opposite the page of DD and I is a message from DD to DH. I hope it brings him comfort while he is away. I miss you love!

*side note, the page at the top of this post is a picture that was taken over a year ago.


Teresa said...

These are all so beautiful, Sharon! Great job, I'm sure he will love looking at them while he is away!!!

Anne said...

You've been Tagged! :)

I love the pages, and what a great book for your husband to have while he's away. Lovely!

Karen said...

great pages Sharon! hope all is going well! I'm tagging you too. :)

Alli said...

Sharon, these are so gorgeous, you are so talented. Especially love the photo of you and Jacob!

Jen said...

What a wonderful gift!!! I bet he just loved it and will treasure it the whole time he's gone!!

Kathy said...

What an awesome idea! Love your pages! I'm glad I found your blog from you posting on mine! Love it!