Saturday, April 21, 2007

Technique Friday (A Day Late)

I know, I know, I'm a slacker! Friday was yesterday and I didn't post the challenge on my blog. In my defense I had a couple of meetings and accidentally fell asleep in between the two meetings. (oops!) So anyway, this week's technique is Embossing, Heat Embossing that is. I remember when I first heat embossed on a card. And I still, to this day, 4 years later find heat embossing cool! Don't you?! Watching this powdery substance become a bumpy shape. It's cool! O.k., I know, I have issues, either that or I'm in a very weird mood this morning. Of course based on my blog entry on The RI Blog, I would say it's probably a good chance that I have issues, and I'm in a weird mood. LOL So, anyhow, Here is my card:It's pretty huh?! I made a card last weekend using the petals wheel from the SU spring mini and I didn't have the color cartridge I needed. My friend Belinda told me to just use the ink pad. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? So I wheeled the petals wheel on my ink pad and used that to make my card. So this morning when I sat down to make the technique sample for this week I decided to try embossing using a wheel. Well, I don't have a cartridge with embossing style ink so I improvised and used my versamark pad. First I pulled out my Adoring Hearts Jumbo Wheel and I snapped it into my Jumbo wheel Handle. Then I rolled it onto my Versamark pad then at a diagonal onto my Whisper White CS. I repeated this until I got the hearts and dots just where I wanted them. Then I sprinkled Sterling Silver Embossing powder onto the CS piece. Then I embossed using my heat gun. (It's a handy little tool! I love it!) After I was done with that I layered it onto Brushed Silver CS and added some white organdy ribbon and some silver cording. Then I layered that onto my Whisper White CS. Then I took the stamp Peace~Joy~Love from All Year Cheer 1 and inked up just the part that said Love and the ~ over it using Versamark. Using Sterling Silver EP I embossed that too and then matted that with more Brushed Silver CS. And there you have it! Heat Embossing!

**** I have a totally rockin' technique planned for next week with a PRIZE! All to celebrate my 10th week doing the Technique Challenges on Fridays! Stayed tuned for that!


Alli said...

Awwww.....Sharon, this is just so elegant, great sketch too. Your work has been wonderful lately and I always look forward to seeing your new work! :)

Jen said...

Beautiful and so elegant! I really love this Sharon!!!

Anne said...

I have issues too, so you're not alone. :) Heat embossing is a really simple technique with a lot of WOW factor.