Thursday, April 19, 2007

Post Tag!

O.k. So I've been tagged! Twice! Today! LOL Guess that means I should probably tag someone else huh? I was tagged by Anne over at Storm's Cellar. If you haven't checked out her blog or her brand new store, you need to! They both rock! Rubber Inspirations is her store. It's awesome! Oh yeah, and she is the owner of A Shade Of Blue. You know, the site that I do the Friday challenges for. *grin* The other person who tagged me is Karen over at Watercolored Dreams. Karen was my Secret Sister, about, oh, I think it was, a year and a half ago. Karen's awesome and does beautiful work. Even though the secret sister round is over she still occasionally checks on me to make sure I'm doing o.k. *grin*

O.k. so, Here's the deal as I understand it, I'm supposed to list my favorite 5 blogs and bloggers. So here goes...

( I would say Anne, Jenn -who was also tagged by Anne- or Karen, but seeing as how they have all been tagged, I won't. LOL)
I have so many favorites! It's hard to choose just 5. See all my links at the right. O.k here goes:

#1 Jen whose blog is Inking Along. Jen is an amazing friend and a totally rockin' stamper! Check it out!

#2 Teresa whose blog is Inkfully Yours. I know you've seen her blog? She's an amazing stamper and friend too! Check her's out if you haven't, and if you have, go see what's new.

#3 Dorinda whose blog is Inky Paper Menagerie'. Dorinda does breathtaking work! She's an awesome stamper and friend too! Check it out! (are you seeing a trend yet? lol)

(O.k. so that's 3 chatter's, I have to name someone else now, even though I love all the chatter blogs but I need to leave these 3 ladies someone to tag too. lol Check out the rest of the amazing chatter blogs on the right)

So here are some other blogs not on my chatter list but are just as awesome! (fyi, the chatter's are a group of gals I have been chatting with for a couple of years on SCS. I don't know what I would do without them.)

#4 Robyn over at I Walk By Faith. Robyn and I met through the RULDS thread on SCS and now we belong to the same yahoo group (which she started and asked me to join for LDS Stampers). She is so inspiring and just amazes me from day to day with her strength and courage. Oh, and she's a great stamper too. *grin*

#5 Belinda whose blog is Belinda's Stamping Corner. Belinda is my good friend/demo/upline/fellow church goer/choir director/ and inspiration. She is a mother of 5, a fellow Army wife and who continues to amaze me.

So, there you go! 5 blogs that I love! (Well o.k so it's actually more if you count all the other links I gave you. LOL)