Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hello Readers!

Hello Blog Readers! I know I have been sort of MIA. I'm sorry. My honey has been on leave before deploying again so I haven't been home much. Anyhow, he signed back in to work today. So I actually got to sit down and stamp! I am now all finished with the blog candy for Leah, Dorinda, and the gift for Allison. Those will be going postal tomorrow so look for them at the end of the week ladies! Now I get to start on cards for DH to take with him. From what we have been told, where he is going doesn't have many greeting cards for the troops to send home so I plan on sending him with a stock. And I plan on making cards for all the guys in his company to send home too. I know, it will be a lot of stamping. Fortunately I will have help. Some of the other wives will be helping me out. :o) So I get to teach people to stamp! Yay!! LOL Anyhow, I will be posting pics of all the goodies later. Dh has the car right now and that's where the camera's are. LOL Have a great day everyone!

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