Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tagged Again!

I've been tagged again! *grin* Paula over at Paula Ponders tagged me, and I noticed this morning that my good friend Jen over at Inking Along tagged me a few days ago. (I'm perceptive aren't I?) LOL

So here's how this one goes. I have to tell you 7 things about myself, and then tag 7 other bloggers.

So here goes:

1. There are 10 kids in my family... o.k. before your eyes bug out, let me explain. My mom and dad had 5 kids. My sister, my three brothers and me. (I'm the youngest) Then my parents divorced, and each remarried. My step dad had 3 kids from his previous marriage so that brings us to 8. Then my dad and my step mom have adopted. They have actually adopted 3 kids but my brother got the adoption reversed when he turned 18 so technically there are 10 kids total. LOL If you followed that then you did better then half the other people I've told. LOL

2. I was the vice president of the Drama Club in my 9th grade year. I went to a school where the 9th grade went to the Jr. High cause there wasn't room in the High School for 4 grades.

3. I have been married for almost 6 years. (Wow! Time flies!)

4. My DD is almost 12! (be still my heart, I'm still having a hard time saying that one!)

5. I am obsessed with Care Bears!

6. I hung out with two of my brothers and their friends when I was growing up. It's o.k. though cause they hung out with my friends too. lol In fact they even dated a few of my friends and I dated a few of theirs. ROFL!

7. I have been stamping since Oct. 2001 and I love it!

O.k. now, for who I tag.....

I decided to tag blogs that I have never seen before! I thought this would be a fun way to see new work that I've never seen. *grin*

So without further ado:

1. Stamping With Chrissie
2. Blush Blossoms
3. Sunny's Thoughts
4. Stamping Abundance
5. Territweety
6. It's All About The Journey
7. SSQ Corner

That was sooo fun! I got to see 7 blogs that are just fabulous! Definitely worth checking out again!

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