Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photo Challenge

On SCS this week the photograpy challenge is to take pictures of wood. The catch was that we weren't allowed to take pictures of trees or anything like that for our wood picture. I decided that I wanted to take pictures of an old fence for my wood pictures. My sweet hubby suggested this "two rail" fence near the museum that we have on post.

This first one I wanted to get some of the New Mexico architecture and landscape in it

For this second one I wanted to get the fence in a fun angle. So I chose to squat down and take a picture of the fence from the side.

One this last one I decided to try a black and white shot. I love shooting in black and white. I decided to get the fence head on with some of the New Mexico plant life in the background. I thought black and white was fitting for this. This one is my favorite.


PTK VP said...

Those are some really interesting wood pictures. I like them. You're getting quite good at this!

Cyndi said...

Those are some really awesome pictures Sharon.

I love the look of all of them the black and white is really cool!