Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Why is it that I relish being able to work on multiple projects? Is it because I'm crazy? Probably! Is it because I have time on my hands? For sure... Is it because I get bored easily? Most definately!

Right now I am working on several projects. My hubby's birthday is in a few weeks and he asked me on Sunday if I was going to make him a cake. I asked him if he wanted me to make him a cake. He again asked the same question, was I going to make him a cake. I took that to mean that yes, he wanted a cake for his birthday. So I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. He answered by simply saying Chocolate Fondant. I asked him what kind of actual cake did he want under the Chocolate Fondant. He stated that he didn't care as long as there was chocolate fondant on the outside. Should I be a smart alec and make Chocolate Fondant and then put it in a cake pan and give that to him so that there is no cake, just chocolate fondant? I'm kidding. I will make the cake covered in chocolate fondant. My friend Belinda has a yummy recipe for said fondant that tastes like fudge. yum! So I will have to email her to see if she still has the recipe.

Another project that I am working on is of course baby blankets and receiving blankets. I realize that it may be a few years before we are actually chosen by a birth mother. I just would like to be working on something in the meantime. I have a bit of a control issue. Right now there isn't much in the adoption process we can be doing, so I figured I would go ahead and be proactive (in otherwards, have control over something in this whole crazy, stressful, wonderful, amazing process) and make blankets and such. Because, after all, it may be a few years, but it may also only be a few months before we are chosen. It happened with two people we know at church. Both couples were chosen very quickly. 1 couple was chosen with in 2 weeks of being approved for adoption, the other was chosen with in a few months. Although we know that it happening that quickly is not normal, but just in case.... Speaking of which, we have our very first appt. with the case worker on Friday. YAY!! Then we get to do mounds and mounds of paperwork and interviews and home studies. We are told that should only take a month of so depending on how quickly we get the paperwork done, which hopefully we will get on Friday as well.

Yet another project is the Christmas stockings for hubby and I. Since I have my daughter's done (had that done before this last Christmas of course) I can now work on the ones for the two of us. I will do one for the baby after we get him or her. But I don't have to have that one done until his or her 2nd Christmas. I want to have a baby's first Christmas stocking for the first Christmas. :)

I am also working on some scrapbooking and cardmaking as well. The scrapbooking is for our adoption profile. We will need to have that done in a month or so, as soon as we are approved, so I am getting a head start. Although I do have plenty of years to catch up on with other scrapbooking as well.

My photography is going well. I am getting more and more ideas. I am hoping to do a fundraiser for our FRG (Family Readiness Group, for hubby's Company- it's a military thing) where I will take family photos and put them on a disc and give each families pictures to them on the disc along with a copyright release so that they can then print any of the photos they want in whatever size they want along with posting them online as well. All my time and effort is donated. The money will go 100% to the FRG. But this way the FRG will be able to raise money and I will get photography experience taking family portraits. I went out today scouting for places to do said photos. Sadly, WSMR where I live is very dull and not in the slightest bit picturesque. So the hunt for a location continues. I find that photos on location are nicer then with a plain backdrop, but given with the surroundings I have to work with, I may have no choice but to go with a plain background.

I am also working on putting together the final details for the sale of ink storage units. The plans are all done and put together. I am just trying to figure out what we will be charging and all the details. But hopefully I will have that hammered out soon and up on this blog within the next week.

Anyhow, enough randomness for today. Tomorrow I plan to work on a schedule for myself so I can be a little more organized with this chaos that is currently in my head. ;) I hope to get some projects done to show you too in my stamp room. :)


Proud Mom said...

WOW - you are a busy lady! And so good to give so much of your time to others! BTW: I'd love that recipe for chocolate fondant - I've been wanting to try fondant for the first time and chocolate sounds like the way to go! (Ever watch "Ace of Cakes"? )

Robyn :) said...

I would totally get one of those picture discs from you!! Hmmm, wondering if I could swing a trip to New Mexico for Spring Break???? LOL!

becca said...

There are some great places to take pictures on the base. You can't tell it so much now but as soon as it warms up there are big flowering bushes, cacti and the stone walls are nice as well. There is a path that goes between two stone walls between Trinity and the empty area where they tore down the houses. Also, There is a section of the back path in trinity area where there are all bushes between the walls and it's pretty. There is a man that does photos and he's done some down at headquarters for other families so I think there are opportune spots there as well. Good luck! Ohh, and if you are doing it on post for fundraiser there is a nice fireplace in the lodge by the park across from YS that they'd let you have access to I imagine. If you want to leave post Aguirre Springs just up toward the pass on the left is a big of a drive but a fabulous spot.