Tuesday, January 27, 2009

About the Macro Studio

So my friend Robyn asked what a Macro Studio was and asked if was something to help me take pictures of cards. Yes, that is what I use it for but it is oh so much more then that. Macro Studios can be purchased online for around $20 or so for a basic studio. I made mine through the help of the website that I posted a few days ago for less then $1. My poster board was .50 cents. The box was free, it was one we found for our move to NM from KS several months ago. The tissue paper was in a pack and then I used a little bit of packing tape. So no it isn't professional, but it does the job just as well.

Anyhow, a Macro Studio, yes, although I use it mainly for cards can be used for so many things. It no only makes your colors better and really helps to focus the eye on the item you are photographing, but it also helps the light to dispurse more evenly on your item which in turn also helps with the colors. Case in point. I took this picture of my sister-in-law's card without the macro studio. I took it in the same room with the same light at the same time of day (about 9 at night):

Now the same card, again same room, same lighting, and same time of day (in fact this photo was taken directly after the above photo) using the macro studio:

Do you see how the color's look so much clearer and truer. Take the white for example. In the first photo you can see the the white actually looks a little yellow. But in the second photo you can really see the colors better and not only that but see the detail of the card better too.

Macro Photography is close up photography. It is where you can really capture the details of what you are taking pictures of. Have you ever seen a picture of a rose with a water droplet on it and you can really see every detail, or a picture of a bee on a flower and again, you can see every detail?

The above photo is one I found on Wikipedia, it shows what you can do with Macro Photography. Link is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hibiscus_petal.jpg

Well, That is Macro Photography. A Macro Studio is just an extra tool that can be used to help capture the details of your photo subject, in this case my cards. Although I did take some more photos today using my Macro Studio that weren't of cards that I will post on Sunday with my project 365 post. Anyhow, I hope that answered your questions on what a Macro Studio is for. :)

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