Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scorpions and walks and dogs oh my! (Project 365 part 2)

So taking pictures every day is proving harder then I thought even with my boring and non-busy life. But still, I'm getting it done. As you can tell from this weeks project 365 title it was a funfilled week complete with a scorpion in my bathtub of all places. So without further ado, this week in photos:

Jan. 11- An updated picture of the outside of our house for our adoption profile. (Yes, even though we are just in the application process I really want to get a headstart on all the profile stuff)
Jan. 12- SCS has weekly photography challenges to get our creative juices flowing. This weeks challenge was to take a picture of signs. This particular day I didn't have our vehicle so I was kind of limited to where I was able to take pictures. I chose our street sign on the corner. (yes, our skies here are normally that blue and clear. *grin*)

Jan. 13- The dog thinking that because I am the back yard that must mean I am there to play with him. ;)

Jan. 14- On this day I was home by myself and I couldn't find the dog. Normally he comes when I call him. This time he didn't. I thought, is he outside, nope, not outside, where is he. Lo and behold, this is where I find him. Happy and content on my bed giving me a look like he is just daring me to tell him to get off. (He's a little spoiled)

Jan. 15- This day I decided to take my camera when I went for my daily walk. Let me tell you how interesting it was holding camera, holding the dogs leash and talking to my mom on my cell phone all at the same time. This is a view of the mountains near our house, I walk past here every day on my walk.
Jan. 16- So this day I got a lovely surprise, a scorpion in my bathtub. How fun huh? (Not so much... It was about an inch in length, this is the 6th one we have had in 5 months -unless you count the 2 very small baby ones, then this one makes #8 )

Jan. 17- Hubby decided to take a break from school work and woodworking and go on my daily walk with me. I figured since he would be with me it would be much easier to take pictures. Here is hubby and the dog on the walking path near our house. (the total walk is about a mile)

I know that this is up late today. I will try to have it up earlier next week. Now, my brother-in-law (it's partly due to him that I have this awesome new camera, he helped me figure out what I wanted. *grin*) commented on one of my earlier posts wanting to know what flash I am using on my pictures so I thought I would share here rather then just emailing him. I actually am using the built in flash on the camera. I do have another flash that I bought but I don't know how to use it and frankly I am a little intimidated by the camera let alone the flash that I got *snicker*. So for now, I am just using the on camera flash. Maybe someday soon I will actually use the flash that I got for the camera. ;) I also shoot mostly at auto ISO. I am just starting to learn about all the different ISO speeds and what they do. So far, not too bad, but I'm sure I will get better. ;)

Tommorrow I will post some cards I made this weekend. I need to build a macro light box to help me take better photos of my cards but right now it is too late so that will have to wait till the morning.

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PTK VP said...

Your pictures are getting better and better.

Too bad I missed seeing any scorpions. Dang it!