Thursday, January 22, 2009

Labels and Lists

I have been doing some work to my blog. Did you notice? I am working on labeling each of my posts (it's going to take a while since I have been keeping this blog since 2006) At the end of my posts you will see a label, or a category for that post. That way if a post is stamping related and you want to see more stamping related posts just click at the bottom of that post on the label you want and it will pull up all my other posts that are under that same category. Clear as mud? I just figured that since this blog is about so many different things such as stamping, cake decorating, the newly added photography, not to mention random posts and personal posts and all the other crafty things I do, this way it would be easier to find what you may be looking for on my blog. Seriously, clear as mud?

Now, I also have added new and updated blog lists. I added the blog lists that show not only the blogs I like but also when they were updated last. How cool is that? I love that blogger offers that.

Anyhow, I am still working on the label part and I have to update the friends and family blog list but I hope you enjoy what I have done far. :)


Robyn :) said...

I label all of my blogs. If I don't already have a label that fits, I make a new one!!

Thank you for the comment on my blog yesterday. There is a new post up with a picture of the blocks. You would have loved it!!

James and Tracy + 5 said...

Yes, our departure from JC was rapid. We PCS'd out on 6 December. Such is life....we knew it was coming but thought we had another year or so....we just found out that the Livingston's are leaving as well. Hope ya'll are well!
James Tollett