Monday, January 05, 2009

Recipe tin, cake and project 365

This is a project that I created last week and then forgot to take a picture of before I posted the cards. I have done many recipe tins for other people but never one for myself. So I decided it was high time to do so. I have so many recipe books filled with lots and lots of recipes (close to 10,000 recipes in all) but I have my favorites. You know, the old back ups that when you can't decide what to make you make those. So I wanted a place to store the recipes for the favorites in our house. This is what I came up with:
The image is of course Voila from Stampin Up. I used some printed paper that I have had for awhile (sorry I don't know where I got it from). The paper was applied using modge podge and then sealed with it as well. I added the ribbon using sticky strip and then added the image and sentiment with more modge podge. The image was stamped on white CS using Momento Tuxedo black ink and colored with Copics. I stitched the edge of the main image using my crafter's tool kit (SU) and a needle and thread. The flowers I got from a crafts store and the brad was sent to me by a friend in England. I haven't added fibers and ribbon to the handle because I haven't decided whether I want that or not. We'll see.

I haven't blogged the last couple of days because my in-laws have been here visiting. While they were here we decided to celebrate their birthdays. My FIL's birthday is this month and MIL's birthday is next month. So I made a cake. I ran out of powered sugar so I didn't have as much frosting as I usually do and I had to make what I had stretch so I wasn't happy with the final product at all. Plus the day before we had spent the day out and about (one of the places we went was White Sands National Monument and we climbed the sand dunes, so I got quite the workout). I was really worn out by the time Saturday and making the cake came around so I really didn't have the energy to do a good job. But it turned out o.k. and my in-laws liked it so that's all that matters right?

I'm not going to share the picture of my in-laws with the cake because I haven't asked them whether I can post pics of them on my blog. You understand right?

On SCS someone posted about something called Project 365. This is where you take a photo a day for an entire year as a way to kind of mark what you do in your life. Well, I live in the middle of no where with my husband. There isn't much going on in our lives that is worth photo-ops. So instead of taking a photo each day regarding something in our lives I am just going to take a photo a day. The photos may be something special that we did that day, or it may be of scenery or something special that I see, or maybe just something I decided to take a photo of for fun. I figure this will help to improve my photography skills and give me a reason (as if I needed one) to use my new camera each day. Rather then posting the photos here every day I am going to post them on Sunday's. Since I didn't find out about this until last night I will post last weeks photos along with this weeks on Sunday. So be looking for those. :o)


Robyn :) said...

They have a whole kit you can buy to showcase your photos, but a lot of people just post them on their blogs :)

The recipe tim is awesome!! You did such a great job.

PTK VP said...

I was totally clueless about the 'skimpy' (?) frosting. It was perfect as far as I was concerned. Tasted that way too!

Thanks for sending some home with us. Babers and David were soooooo excited to have cake!!