Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 365 part 1

In my last post I mentioned that I saw a posting on SCS about something called project 365. This is where you take a photo every day for 1 year to chronicle your life. Since our lives are kind of boring out here in the middle of no where NM it wouldn't be much fun if I did that. So I decided that instead of doing that I would just take a photo a day to kind of sharpen my photography skills (as beginner like as they are right now). This way I can see how I grow as a photographer. This post will have more pictures then will be normal as it has a week and a half worth of pictures, but next week I will have just 1 week (I am posting them by week that way I don't overload my blog with daily posts of pictures, ecspecially seeing as how this blog is about all of my crafting such as cardmaking etc., not just photography.) So anyhow, without further ado, here is my first week (and a half) in photos.

Jan. 1 - My in-laws came to visit so this photo is of my DH chatting with his mom.

Jan. 2- Photo of the gorgeous sunset at White Sands Sand Dunes

Jan. 3- My daughter hiding from the camera.... again..... She does that alot.

Jan. 4- A coin rack that hubby made to hold all his coins that he has been given in the Army.

Jan. 5- A collection I have of heritage items, the picture is of my Grandma in her early 20's, the doll she made I think when she was in her 30's (not sure on that one though) and then the glass case is filled with items from my great grandmother and my grandmother to include my great grandmothers baby spoon and some doll house items.

Jan. 6- Hubby playing the Wii and wondering why I am taking a picture of him.

Jan. 7- A plaque that I have from my grandfather with his name on it. Probably hung in an office of some kind.

Jan. 8- Playing with the macro lense which makes items appear larger and more vibrant.

Jan. 9- Practicing Night Shots, This one of the moon behind trees was taken in my front yard, I'm not so good at night shots, that will come though.

Jan. 10- Last nights full moon was the brightest and biggest that there will be in 2009 (according to Yahoo news). It was a little hazy out but still a great photo op! This was taken at sunset as the sun was setting and the moon was coming up. Taken from 60 miles away with a 70-300mm lense.

Next weeks photos will just be for 1 week and not for a week and a half. Also, I am working on some stamping projects that I hopefully will be done with soon. One of them I am so excited about and can't wait to show you. I hope that it turns out as well as I think it will, so far so good. Also, very soon I should be ready to announce news about the ink storage that my hubby made me last month. Let's just put it this way, if you are looking for a great solution to your ink storage and think that a unit like mine would be perfect, you can get one just like it, or get the very detailed plans to make your own! We are just trying to work out the final details, but stay tuned!


PTK VP said...

Those were cool photos! Thanks so much for sharing! I know when Frog was taking some early photo classes he learned the value of a photo journal-where he kept a record of what setting and lens, etc. was used for each shot. He also learned to grumble a lot during that class-which about mid-term turned to mumble and by semester's end turned to pride that he had kept the journal. Go figure!

Grandma Barbara said...

I really like these pictures, especially the one of your flowers. You do good work.
Love, Mom

Robyn :) said...

Those moon shots were Amazing!!!

becca said...

wow, what a good idea. I was thinking of doing a day in the life photos once a month (which fits my crazy life better than daily) and I think I just will after seeing your photos.