Monday, February 05, 2007

My New Room!!!

I have a stamp room now!!! I'm so excited! I have spent the last few days organizing it all and getting it just the way I want it. There are still a few additions I would like to make but for now I am happy. I spent the whole day yesterday just enjoying my new room. I stamped a few cards (can't share most of them cause they are for my Secret Sis).

I did however stamp this and I can actually share it! I love this card! I started with the inspiration of a card I saw in PC magazine. I love the layout of the card I saw and so I used that for the general idea of this card. It kind of evolved from there and I am not exactly sure how I got this end result but I love it!


Lisa said...

Wow, I love your clean, organized space. I'd hate to show anyone mine right now. LOL

Your card is so totally beautiful. Great job!

Jen said...

Love the card and your room is awesome and freakishly clean!!!! Please tell me the clean thing isn't normal! LOL

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love your set-up. I'll bet it's great having room to stamp again.